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Our expert team of photographers and graphic designers are here to help you present your products in the best way possible.

Product photos and price are of great importance for the effective promotion and sale of products.

At Tradecare Photo Studio, we offer a wide range of product photography services to suit your needs. Whether you need e-commerce product photography, lifestyle photography, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts are skilled in capturing the essence of your product and creating high-quality images that are sure to impress your customers.

Regardless of whether you run an online store or sell your products on e-commerce platforms such as Allegro or Amazon,
excellent photography is essential to ensuring an eye-catching presentation of your products. 

What are the different types of product photography? 

Depending on your needs and product type, we offer many different types of product photography. Here are some of them:

Packshot photos – these are photos of individual products on a neutral background, which show all the details and features of the product.

Shots on a white or plain background in JPG, TIFF or PNG format.

Objects are cut out from the background; the paring is done with a pen to maintain the greatest precision.
The products are carefully retouched, have corrected shapes and optimized colors.

Clothing photography (ghost photos) is taken on a female or male mannequin.

Arrangement photos – These are product photos that are set in a specific environment or scene to show the product in context. 
While basic product photos are taken on a white background, image sessions are created in an arranged space.

Lookbook session – a series of photos that present products in various styles and combinations to show customers how they can wear or use the product.

How to prepare for a product photo session?

Preparing for your product photography session is crucial because you can get the best results faster. It is important to provide all necessary information and materials to the photographer before the session.

What should you provide before your photo session?

  • Products to be photographed – at the beginning of cooperation, we take test photos to familiarize ourselves with the topic.
  • Props – If any props are needed for the photo session, please provide them.
  • Logo and branding – If there are any guidelines regarding logo or branding placement in photos, please provide this information.
  • Product descriptions and specifications – In order for the photographer to adjust the style and composition of the photos, it is worth providing product descriptions and specifications.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions: contact us at Anna@tradecare.eu or call us at +48 696 280 896